Additional Experience Information on Ted Karavidas



  1. Special Assignment

    Initiated and developed plan to assure that all lessee operators of City-owned parking garages obtained and maintained adequate liability insurance.

  2. Torts Division

    Defended City and its employees in personal injury claims arising from defective property, motor vehicle collisions, paramedic malpractice, and police shootings.

  3. General Counsel Division
    1. Defended Chicago Police Department officers and supervisors in civil rights claims attributable to excessive force;
    2. Worked on the development of the City’s legal position regarding the defense of an anticipated class action regarding implementation of a proposed tax on the use of pagers within the city limits;
    3. Prepared an outline for the development and increased use of the Port of Chicago.


  1. Multiple trial verdicts defending prison officials, correctional officers, and state police officers throughout the State in Federal civil rights and constitutional deprivation claims arising from excessive force, denial of medical care/medical malpractice, inadequate access to judicial process, and habeas corpus;
  2. Prosecuted civil service discharge hearings for multiple State departments; some of these involved complex issues such as the properties of safe helicopter flight and constitutional claims;
  3. Represented Secretary of State Jim Edgar at trial in a chancery court challenge to an administrative procedure; also represented the Office of the Secretary of State in administrative proceedings regarding the denial of the reinstatement of drivers’ licenses;
  4. Acted on behalf of the Attorney General personally in a quo warranto proceeding seeking the removal of a circuit court judge from the bench;
  5. Represented the Illinois Department of Public Health in a class action brought by nursing homes regarding the failure to timely inspect them, resulting in excessive delays in their reimbursement by the Illinois Department of Public Aid.
  6. Represented the Illinois State Police in an undercover operation coordinated with the U.S. Attorney’s Office and a private entity to stop an extortion plot by an Illinois State Police Officer, and to discharge and prosecute said officer;
  7. Represented Roland Burris as Controller in a lawsuit by the American Cancer Society and other charities arising from the State payroll deduction program funding the United Way Charity;
  8. Represented the Illinois Department of Corrections in both the trial court and the 7th Circuit, including all motion and brief writing and oral arguments, in McCall-Bey v. Franzen, a case of first impression which delineated the power of federal district courts to enforce their own orders.


Defended various private and public entity defendants in personal injury and substantial property damage actions involving defective property conditions, vehicle collisions, toxic materials, product liability, and pharmaceutical claims.


Substantial experience in trials, discovery and motion practice, mediations, arbitrations, and settlement negotiations.

  1. Personal injury: Various general matters, traumatic brain injury, pharmaceutical injuries (including class action and multi-district litigation experience), medical malpractice, sexual abuse, defamation, construction litigation, trucking collisions, product liability, wrongful death;
  2. Construction delay and mechanics’ lien claims;
  3. Zoning, land use, development of farm land for residential use, and creation of a Special Services Area in the City of Chicago;
  4. Contract negotiation, formation and litigation;
  5. Financial litigation, including banking action, accounting malpractice, guardianship, and trust and estate litigation.
  6. Family law, including the representation of wives engaged in divorce actions from husbands with substantial cash businesses;
  7. Employment issues including wage/hour litigation, covenants not to compete, and employment contract formation.
  8. Criminal defense, including both misdemeanors and felonies, including a not guilty jury verdict in a well-publicized reckless homicide trial;
  9. Appeals before the Illinois Appellate Court and the U.S. Court of Appeals for the 7th Circuit;
  10. Numerous trials, mediations, and settlement negotiations resulting in multiple six and seven figure settlements;
  11. 1 Board certified as a Civil Trial Specialist.
  12. 1 Completion of mediation training and certification as a mediator.
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