Case Results

CONFIDENTIAL SUM: Defamation, intentional infliction of emotional distress, civil conspiracy, and interference with prospective economic advantage resulting in damage to career of Federal Government Official.

$2,300,000 (plus additional confidential sum):
Injuries and wrongful death due to vehicle collision and defective vehicle manufactured by General Motors.

Traumatic brain injury resulting from improperly secured construction vehicle on trailer.

Traumatic brain injury resulting from defective lane conditioning machine in bowling center.

Medical negligence wrongful death caused by failure to diagnose and treat impending heart attack.

Mild traumatic brain injury resulting from rear end motor vehicle collision.

Psychological injuries due to childhood sexual abuse.

Mild traumatic brain injury due to falling ceiling panel.

Chronic pain syndrome due to truck/automobile collision.

RSD and knee injury resulting from fall on obstruction in shopping mall.

Medical negligence wrongful death of 71-year-old stroke victim due to improper medication.

Cervical fusion due to rear-end collision of sport utility vehicle by larger SUV.

Respiratory and cognitive difficulties due to prolonged exposure to carbon monoxide.

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