Mediation and Arbitration

Ted Karavidas has completed mediation training offered by the Strauss Institute for Dispute Resolution of Pepperdine University School of Law and has been certified by the Circuit Court of Cook County as an approved Court Annexed Mediator. With over 26 years experience in diverse legal matters, Mr. Karavidas is available to provide mediation and arbitration services in a number of substantive areas, including:

Brain Injury:

Having represented brain injury survivors and their families since 1990, Mr. Karavidas is well-suited to assist parties in identifying and resolving outstanding issues of liability and damages. Mr. Karavidas has been published and has lectured many times on brain injury litigation subjects and served for years as Chairman of the Professional Advisory Board and Director of the Brain Injury Association of Illinois.

Personal Injury and Medical Negligence:

Mr. Karavidas has practiced in the areas of personal injury and medical negligence since 1980. As a board-certified civil trial specialist with multiple jury verdicts dating back to 1982, Mr. Karavidas has the breadth of experience which enables him to assist litigants to identify and resolve open issues.

Commercial Litigation:

Mr. Karavidas has years of substantial experience in matters involving contract litigation, partnership disputes, accounting malpractice, and construction delay and lien claims. With over 26 years of legal experience, Mr. Karavidas is able to quickly identify methods of issue resolution and assist others in achieving closure.

Marital Asset Disputes:

With specific training and experience in the identification and allocation of marital property, Mr. Karavidas has counseled numerous clients regarding the equitable distribution of assets.

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